Poverty's Demise .Org is a new concept for the Internet. PDO is the SOLUTION to Global Poverty. To ensure that YOU understand how YOU can use this website to help make this world a better place, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you select one of the guided tours below.

Donor Portal Tours

Bill Gates - $79.2 BILLION USD Donation

Click Here to see how Bill Gates can use this website to lift every poor child in the U.S. out of poverty with a single charitable donation. (NOTE: Bill Gates could also choose YOUR COUNTRY to donate to as well!
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Lebron James - $1 Million USD Donation

Click Here to see how Lebron James can assist the parent of every poor child in his home town of Cleveland, Ohio earn their way out of poverty by funding the 'Good Deeds', so they can better support their children.
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Nurse Betty - $50 USD Donation

Click Here to see how Nurse Betty, YOU, or any other average person can help our poor neighbours. Had a good playing poker? Give a little money to a poor child that needs it.
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Recipient Portal Tours

Gifts Alerts - Donation Claim Process

Click Here to experience how the parents of poor children use this website to claim the charitable gifts donated by you in the form 'e-Gift Certificates'.
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Good Deeds - Earning a Better Life

Click Here to learn about how the parents of children on this website can use your charitable donations to earn their way out of poverty by performing "Good Deeds" in their local community such as planting trees, helping the elderly, tutoring children, and much more.
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Public Welfare Dividend - Bigger PDO, More Children Helped!

Click Here to learn about how PDO uses online advertising pay 100% of our operating costs, so that 100% of donor's money actually goes towards helping poor children. PDO also donates all surplus advertising revenue (profits) to the world's poorest children. If PDO reaches even half the size of Google, PDO will literally assist entire countries of poor children out of poverty FOREVER.
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  This video clip is from a live presentation of the PDO charitable transaction platform to a room of 20+ professional web designers and computer programmers. To listen to their questions, feedback, and support for Poverty's Demise .Org
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  This charitable transaction platform has been presented and successfully defended at Harvard, Princeton, and MIT. MIT even offered financial support in the form of a paid fellowship for any MIT students that wish to assist in PDO development.