Well-being Needs

Function Notes:

The Well-being Needs function enables the parents of poor children to apply charitable financial subsidies from PDO's Goods Deeds and/or Public Welfare programs to the social welfare items of their choice to assist in supporting their own child's well-being needs. 

PDO Function Goals:

Provide Parents of Poor Children Economic Independence

  • Enable to the parents of poor children to provide for their own children's well-being needs
  • Enable parents of poor children to prioritize their child's well-being needs, so that willing PDO Donors can be aware and assist.

Recipient viewpoint of PDO function below:

Donate to Your Child

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Good Deeds Account

Public Welfare Dividend

Tell Donors Child's Needs

Enter Priority Number:

1 = Most Needed Well-being Items
6 = Least Needed Well-being Items