Function Notes:

In addition to being able to use the PDO Donor and Recipient Portals in English, Spanish, and other languages, the Recipient portal also features a function called "Audioweb."

If a recipient has trouble reading a word on the screen, the recipient just needs to select "Audioweb" and any word that the recipient points to using the mouse will be read aloud to the recipient, by the use of of small MP3 files.

PDO Function Goals:

Bridge the Digital Divide

  • PDO aims to bring the least fortunate among us into the digital age, by utilizing a graphical & aubilble interface that increases the user's literacy in addition to providing much social welfare support.
  • Public embarassment is a big reason that many illiterate people do not seek help. Via the web, PDO aims to proivde literacy "functions" that allow the users to teach themselves to read at their own pace while managing child benefits.

Recipient viewpoint of PDO function below:

Coming Soon...